Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Well Tagged Yet Again!!!!!!!!

well I never this time Dan has Tagged me, thankyou my friend, He does know to that I am blog stupid and then goes and tags me, shock horror, here are 7 more random facts about me and not very interesting ones at that, I have dug these out thats for sure.

Number 1- I once won a competition at an Anne Summers Party ( thats rude stuff) we had to see who could eat the yolk out a creme egg the fastest and I sucked it out in one scoop as quick as seconds LOL

Number 2- I once did an April fool on my nan when I was 16 and told her I was pregnant, poor nan I though she was going to collapse on the spot and had to quickly tell her it was an April Fool

Number 3- on my husbands 21st Birthday I dressed in my underwear and suspenders and nothing else( better figure in them days) I put a coat on and walked across a huge field to his house to give him a suprise, good job nothing happened to me on route.

Number 4- I once worked a small while as a nanny in Canada

Number 5- one of my mums friends wanted to adopt me as a baby and of course mum said no

Number 6- I had my tonsils out at 18 and have to say this is yuk I still have them in a jar

Number 7- I have always wanted to go on the Orient Express and hope to one day fulfill my dream


Dan said...

Now I feel I know you just a little better! LOL

Jennie said...

Pickled tonsils????? Now there's a thought!! LOL!xx

craftyscot said...

my my, you are a dark horse Andrea. Fur coat and no knickers eh LOL!

Hels said...

OMG, Andrea, I am in stitches here....and as for those tonsils, that is well gross!! LOL

Joy said...

What a hoot! Lol, I share your dream about the oriental Express too

Anne said...

craftyscot said...
my my, you are a dark horse Andrea. Fur coat and no knickers eh LOL!

hahahahahaha - yes quite! I think they are interesting facts Andrea :-D

Luv Little Lion xx