Saturday, 19 April 2008

Been Tagged Again HELP

Help!!!!! I have been kindly Tagged by Nicky ( this is the person who did not want tagging herself ) thanks Nicky I enjoyed reading yours xx I have to give you 7 random facts about myself, now this is soooooooo difficult you would not believe. so here goes as I have no idea whats classed as random !!!!!!!

number 1 - I have an abnormal rib cage that sometimes pops out, one sides different to the other and its yuk
number 2- I once had my belly button pierced at 38 years old, not now though, think it was a crisis point.
number 3- I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I were allowed.
number 4- I used to ride a motorbike in my younger days before I passed my driving test.
number 5- another body issue, I have broken my right arm 4 times, my left arm once, my ribs and my nose ( very accident prone)
number 6- I have a brother older than my mum (work that one out)
number 7- I have a collection of TY beanies thats just madness,

See said it was hard to do, I am sure you have found these facts rather boring, but something to read on a cold Saturday morning LOL xx


Nicky said...

He He He, loving your random facts, and yes i know its hard, as like you say what is random? lol
Anyway you did good :O)

Hels said...

Well, I never knew that you would be able to eat chocolate for all three meals :O)) I reckon your brother older than your Mum is a step brother? Am I right? :O))

Andrea said...

my brother older than my mum Hels is a half brother, he was my dads son by his first marriage, dad was much older than my mum xx

craftyscot said...

you are accident prone aren't you??? As for your TY collection, bet it's smaller than your crafty stash :0)