Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I Have Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Hels and have questions to answer, so here goes.

Question 1 - What were you doing ten years ago?
Well what a question !!!!!!!!!! can not remember what I was doing ten minutes ago let alone ten years, now lets get out of Senile moment and think!! oh yes I remember I was rather pregnant with George at the time, so my guess as I had an excuse to pig out then thats what I was doing, plus as I had no maternity clothes I wrote a poem to the local paper and they did a blasted full page spread on me looking like a beached whale ( much like I look today really)

Question 2 - What were you doing a year ago?
A year ago along with friends of mine I to met Sir Tim Holtz, did have my photo taken with him but sadly the friend was not much good with a camera LOL but her picture with him well, look closely !!!!!!!!!! ( you know who you are Linda ) we had a great dribble competition at Tim, then a good meal with other crafty friends.

Question 3 - Name your 5 favourite snacks.
Well this is an easy one, if it does not move then I will eat it, on a serious note I love milk tray chocs, pringles, kettle crisps, home made caramel slice and strawberries. Well had to be one healthy option.

Question 4 - Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Now you are Joking here I am never likely to be this, if I were I would buy a house by the sea, A dream I have, I would try to help Family out, I would buy more crafty stuff, like I need it, I would have a fantastic Holiday and lastly treat my friends to the Tim Holtz Cruise.

Question 5 - Name 5 things you like doing.
I like crafting of course, meeting up with friends for a good old craft session and a chat, doing things with my family, stuff that I just can not mention incase I get thrown from the blogger world!!!!!!!! ( you can guess that one ) and lastly a good meal out with my Hubby.

Question 6 - Name 5 things you will never wear again.
I can certainly never wear that Romper suit again, grown out of that big time, school uniform I hated it, Skinny jeans as now to fat, bermuda shorts just not me and lastly high healed shoes as I would wobble.

Question 7 - Name your 5 favourite things.
of course my family, my pet dog, my friends, food and me time

I am meant to tag 5 other people, but this blogging larks hard enough for me as it is, so I will not pass it on, sorry but answering this has just taken 4 weeks LOL


Karen said...

Enjoyed reading this Andrea :) Off to have a nosey round your blog now xxx

craftyscot said...

you are so funny Andrea, you do make me laugh hun

Angie C said...

You have made my day and there is an award piccie thing on my Blog waiting for you

Hels said...

:O)) You make me LOL hun :O))

TinaB said...

I said the cruise too!! Made me laugh xx

Linda Elbourne said...

The blog is looking good hun. LOL at your answers XXX