Friday, 16 May 2008

I do not believe it !!!!!!!!

Yes Tagged again by my friend Shaz :-) promise and sorry but I am not passing this on as no idea who to pass it on to, this is what I have to do

Link back to the person that tagged you. 2. Post these rules on your blog. 3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

here are my 6 things if i can think of 6 things

1 - I can not stand the smell of pig trotters cooking, as a child my mum often had them simmering all day on our old rayburn

2 - I have a scar on my leg a big dent from a dog bite

3- I was once engaged to be married to someone else and broke it of as I realised I loved Mark more and asked my ex to take me to Marks house so I could tell him how much he meant to me, oops

4- I once hit a motorcycle whilst riding my pushbike no hands on the wrong side of the road, going round a rather sharp bend, broke my nose and arm in the process.

5 - I used to work at a mental hospital ( and no I was not an inpatient )

6- My first car was a yellow mini with chrome wheels and bucket seats, way to go me LOL

how very boring were those facts xx


** Shaz ** said...

great facts Andrea xx

craftyscot said...

you so make me laugh Andrea :0)

Nic said...

Seems like you were a bit of a terra in your youth, sorry i mean not so long ago xxx

Hels said...

Aw Andrea, thanks for sharing. I just had a giggle to myself .. was the dog the same one that was on the field that day?:O))

Andrea said...

no Hels not the same dog, dam I could od put that as a fact :-)

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing Andrea!! xx

Marina said...

Great House Wine are you serving us Andrea.

A stunning creation have you made, compliments.